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Updated How To Rent Guide

Just to let you know that the Government have issued a new ‘How To Rent’ guide which must be given out to new tenants from this month, please also be aware that when a tenancy is renewed or becomes statutory periodic, you will need to serve the new version of the How to Rent Guide to be able to serve a valid section 21 notice.

Here’s a link to the new guide:

Apart from a design change, there are a number of changes.

– Information about the minimum EPC rating being E
– Information to the tenant about the recently introduced landlord banning
– More information about where the tenant can seek independent advice and
– The names of the three deposit and redress schemes

In addition it makes reference to three further new guides which have been released which relate to the following:

How to Let – a publication for a landlord about their obligations to a tenant

How to rent a safe home – a publication really based on the hazards contained within the Housing Health and Safety Rating System

How to lease – a publication on leasehold reform and rights

Hope this update is useful, thanks to Darrel Kwong of DWK Consultancy (Dorset) for the information.

Property Mark PDF