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More legislation…

Update from ARLA – there are now new offences designed to target rogue landlords and letting agents operating in England!

The new offences, which come into force today, will be welcome if they achieve the Home Office’s central aim of prosecuting and fining criminal landlords who are supplying substandard accommodation on the peripheries of society’s radar for inflated rents.

Enforcement is fundamental to this and sufficient resource must be devoted to following up refusals from the landlord checking service, and ensuring that properties can be made available again as soon as possible.

The most important things to remember are:
• Double check that Right to Rent processes are being followed for every adult occupier within every tenancy
• Make a report to the Home Office as normal where a tenant fails to provide qualifying ID for a follow up check
• New routes to regain possession can only be accessed via Home Office notification
• Where new routes are not available, existing routes must be followed

NB. Introduction of a new ground for possession has led to a new Section 8 Notice. If you issue an old Section 8 Notice from today it will not be valid.

New Home Office Right to Rent Document Check user guidance has been issued by the Home Office.

Property Mark PDF