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Electrical safety legislation for Let properties

The working group on electrical safety in private rented accommodation has reported and we expect this to be in brought into legislation in the next few months.

A brief summary:

Electrical Fires were the cause of 748 fires in London over the last five years compared to Gas which had 97.

A mandatory 5 year Electrical Condition Report (ECR) will be required along with a certificate to confirm that any remedial work has been completed.

It will be applicable to new tenancies and will be phased in thereafter for all tenancies.

Good Practice will be to have a visual check completed between tenancies.

Good Practice will also be to have electrical appliances “tested”.

More reading can be found here

We think it’s worth considering getting the ECRs done before the price is increased, as Electricians cotton onto the fact this is mandatory in the private rented sector.

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