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Alarms.. and more checks!

You may be aware that new legislation is due to come into effect on 1st October 2015 regarding Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms – unfortunately the Government have only issued draft guidance so far (it’s been thrown out of the Lords once too!), and to date we are still waiting for the final regulations. Currently, the guidance states that by 1st October 2015 all rental properties must have a smoke alarm (battery or wired) fitted to every floor that contains a habitable room, and a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm fitted in any room where there is a solid fuel (e.g. coal) appliance. At present, we can’t get confirmation as to whether a property with a central heating boiler should have a CO alarm, however the latest legal advice we have been able to get suggests that this will become mandatory very soon, so we strongly recommend all landlords follow this advice. Although there is a lack of clarity, it is important that all landlords know about the proposed change in the law, so that they can ensure that their properties are compliant. From our perspective, we are confident that the vast majority of the properties that we let have smoke alarms already, however not all of them will have CO alarms currently. Please contact us if you need further information or help with this.

More checks – Legionella…
Due to recent changes in guidance provided by the Health & Safety Executive, landlords should be aware that it has now become a statutory obligation to ensure that a Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) is conducted on all rented property and reviewed periodically thereafter. It is possible for landlords to carry out their own LRA, however we are able to do this if they prefer, please contact us. You can view the guidance online at

Please check back on our blog for future updates, there are more changes coming in October 2015 with regard to Section 211 notices too..

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