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Rent on Time from Trinity Property

Your rent on time Trinity Property are delighted to offer the unique and amazing Rent on Time service to our landlords.  Rent on Time is a superb service that means you never have to worry about rent collection again – your rent is paid to you on the day it’s due (no delays) whether the tenant pays or not.  Rent on Time will take care of any late or non-payments – but you’ll never know about them as you’ll already have the rent!  If the worst was to happen and the tenants stopped paying, Rent on Time would take them to court (at their cost) and would evict them, whilst you continue to receive rent on the same day every month, until the property is empty.

Self-managed and Rent on Time
You can transfer any of your properties onto Rent on Time without any setup fees or renewal fees, and providing you have acceptable references, have a protected deposit and there are no tenancy breaches or arrears at the time you transfer onto Rent on Time you’ll just pay 7.2% inc VAT (6%+VAT), deducted from your monthly rent for guaranteed Rent, on Time every time!

Just to see how it stacks up, consider these figures:

Rent £550 due on the 1st monthly – for a landlord managing their own properties, the Rent on Time cost would be £39.60 (inc VAT) per month.  You can continue to manage your properties whilst knowing that your rent will be arriving on the 1st of every month, without fail, whether your tenant pays or not!

Alternatively, if you had just one month’s arrears in a year, it would cost more than you’re paying for complete peace of mind, and of course we all know how easily one month’s arrears can slip into two… and then you have the court costs (£280 currently and rising shortly), bailiffs costs (£150) and all whilst not getting the rent for up to 4-5 months whilst you wait!

Fully managed and Rent on Time
If Trinity Property manage your properties, we can add Rent on Time to your package for a reduced cost of 3.6% inc VAT (3%+VAT) added to your normal management fee in order to give you peace of mind that you will get your Rent on Time, every Time.

So, why not give it a go?  Have a read of the case histories below and see which one you identify with.. and then call Eric or Les today on 01384 213395 to get Rent on Time set up on your properties.

Case History 1
Landlord CM – Rent Guarantee
..a property with a tenant with good references, who unfortunately lost his job within a month of the tenancy starting.  The landlord had, thankfully taken out a Rent Guarantee, so asked us to claim on his behalf.  The claim went through and the landlord was paid from the date that the rent stopped, until the tenant moved out.
Result: Happy Landlord, Arrears Covered, although the Landlord had to wait 6 weeks for his Rent Guarantee Claim to go through

Case History 2
Landlord DB – No Rent Guarantee
..a tenant on housing benefit, paying rent on standing order to us, started to miss her topup payments.  The landlord was informed, and housing benefits started paying us direct.  However, after a 3 month review, housing benefits decided that they would revert to paying the tenant.  She didn’t pay us (surprise!) and went into 2 months arrears.  We had to take court action against her to evict her (at the Landlord’s cost) whilst waiting for housing benefit to start paying us again.  She left the property with two month’s arrears and damage to the property.
Result: Very Angry Landlord, arrears, damage to property

Case History 3
Landlord CD – Rent On Time
..a tenant took a property on from a landlord who had a high mortgage payment and who needed rent to arrive in their account on the first day of the month.  The landlord asked us to put the tenant onto Rent On Time, such that the rent would arrive in their account on the same day every month, whether the tenant paid or not.  This has worked really well, the landlord is paying his mortgage on time each month, and he doesn’t have to worry whether the tenant has paid or not as he gets paid anyway!
Result: Very Happy Landlord, no delays on being paid, Rent coming in whether the tenant pays or not!

Your rent on time Which scenario are you in?  You can have the certainty of getting your rent on the same day of every month, whether the tenant pays or not.  Click here to email us for a quote.

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